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Information on this page may change without warning. Please note that referral rates may change rapidly during GogoDoggo's beta period as more data on usage is collected.

GogoDoggo Referrals Program

When you sign up for the GogoDoggo newsletter, you'll receive a referral code that you can give to your friends.

When the app comes out, your friends can use your referral code to gift you tokens when they request their first ride.

Tokens allow you to request rides without paying any cash or sending Venmo payments. Your drivers will still get paid, but you won't have to pay for them.

The conversion rate for a token to a dollar is 1:1, so a $1 ride will cost 1 token, a $3 one will cost 3 tokens, and so on.

Referral Code UsagesTokens Received
10001 per day, every day until you graduate*

* This is a one time offer. First one to win it gets it! This may not apply during summer semesters, snow days, etc. Contact us for details.

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