Frequently Asked Questions

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What do I need to do to be a driver?

Please refer to the Requirements section in the Drivers tab. If you are interested in becoming a driver, the first step is to contact us in the Contact tab and let us know you want to be a driver. From there, we will be in touch with next steps to take. There is a heavy in-person component to this process so please let us know if you will be on vacation or out of state for large periods of time.

Are there vehicle requirements to be a driver?

Vehicles will be manually inspected on a case by case basis, but generally the vehicle needs to have 100% functioning safety equipment, no major recalls, and a clean interior. If you have a question about your vehicle, please contact us.

Do I have to be a UConn Storrs student?

For the most part, yes. Exceptions may be made but students are preferred as they know the surrounding area by heart.

Is there a separate app to download?

Nope, all your driving needs will be available in the GogoDoggo app through a special button that appears once you become a verified driver. This means you will also be able to request rides yourself during off hours.

Are there required hours?

There are no required hours, however you may be asked to take a 'shift' in order to ensure adequate coverage during day and night hours. Refusing a shift will not impact your performance record or bar you from using the app. You may also be asked to service a 'booked ride', which is a ride scheduled by a user on a particular day and time. If you accept the booked ride, it is of course expected that you will show up on time.

How does this work, financially? What's your cut?

When you pick up riders, you will be paid directly by them either in cash or through Venmo if you prefer. The amount a rider is required to pay is determined by their ride distance. They may also tip if you desire. After each ride you will accrue a 'service fee' that must be paid off at the end of every two weeks. This service fee will be used to pay for GogoDoggo server costs and other expenses needed to keep the service available. Generally, the service fee per each ride will be around 2-15% of every ride's income (not including tips, which you may keep the entirety of). The service fee percentage may vary over time to account for ride demands. Failing to pay your service fee on time will result in the temporary removal of driving abilities from your account.

Can I decline ride requests?

No, but you can always pause incoming ride requests and adjust your preferences for campus-only (versus out-of-campus) ride requests. This limitation is put in place to implement the Fair Share Program.

What is the Fair Share Program?

The Fair Share Program is an algorithm that determines which riders are assigned to which drivers. It takes into account driver location, reputation, hourly income, and other factors. Drivers who have not made as much hourly income as other drivers will be assigned more riders in order to provide a 'minimum wage' for all drivers. This way nobody is left out and making little to no profit at all.

What are the rules? What are my rights?

Your rules & rights are listed in the Drivers tab.

How different is this from driving for Uber/Lyft?

Because of its local nature, GogoDoggo rides take far less time to complete and cost riders much less. As a result, you will be able to transport high volumes of people per hour and make money off of each person (as opposed to each ride). In addition, with the Fair Share Program you will be assigned a certain amount of rides per hour to help make a consistent income (rather than only $2-3 an hour as can sometimes happen with other ridesharing apps). Finally, Uber/Lyft pays you - in our business model, your riders pay you and you just pay us the service fee. This gives you way more control over your income.

Can you take away my money?

No! All income collected from riders goes straight to your pocket. At no point do we have the ability to decline your paycheck, because we do not send you one. You may even choose not to pay your service fee, however that will prevent you from driving for GogoDoggo.

Can I get 'fired'?

You cannot get 'fired' as you will not be an employee of GogoDoggo, however you may be barred from using the application at any point due to complaints or failing to pay your service fee on time.

If I become a driver, will I be an employee of GogoDoggo?

No. You will not officially be employed by GogoDoggo.

Do you offer insurance?

No, not at this point. We expect your vehicle to be insured already as mandated by Connecticut state law. We do have the capability to ban users from the platform until they pay back any damages they may cause to your vehicle. Contact us for further details.

How do I pay taxes on my income?

We will be working with legal services soon to provide an semi-automated way to help file your income taxes. In the meantime, we will be able to provide detailed records of your ride history that you may use to fill out your tax forms.

What if someone pukes in the back seat?

We have the capability to ban users from the platform until they pay back any damages caused to your vehicle. The fee for vomiting in the vehicle is $50 and may rise depending on severity. Contact us for details or specific incidents.

What if I get into an accident?

It is your responsibility to pay attention to the road and avoid any accidents that may be caused due to distractions from your phone or from passengers. If you feel like your passengers are being unsafe, you have the right to drop them off at any point during the trip. In the event of an accident during your shift, you are required to report it to GogoDoggo. If the accident is ruled in your favor, you will not incur any punishment. If your vehicle is damaged, it will have to be re-inspected before you continue driving for GogoDoggo. Withholding an accident will result in immediate termination of both your driver and rider accounts.

I have a complaint, suggestion, or question that wasn't here. Where can I send it to?

As always, use the Contact tab to get in touch with GogoDoggo's management. Make sure you mention that you're a driver or want to be a driver. We will try our best to reply to each one.