Frequently Asked Questions

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When will the app be ready?

The app will be ready at some point during the first few weeks of fall semester. Make sure you're signed up on the Home page to receive an email when it's out!

Why would I not just use Uber or Lyft?

Quite simply, there are not that many Uber or Lyft drivers on campus at any given moment. In addition, Uber prices are very expensive even for short rides - for example, it can cost more than $9 to travel between Werth Tower and the Student Union! Using GogoDoggo not only nets you lower wait times and lower prices, but it also supports fellow Huskies who drive for the platform.

How do I know it's safe?

GogoDoggo is run by UConn students, for UConn students, rather than corporate outsiders. Drivers must undergo a rigorous vehicle inspection and a driving test before they are allowed to start transporting passengers. They must also follow the rules specified in the Drivers tab. Any and all complaints will be taken seriously and may result in riders and drivers alike being barred from using the app.

Are there rules the drivers have to follow?

Yes! Other than the obvious traffic laws, drivers have to follow stringent rules that are meant to provide a safe environment for passengers regardless of skin color, gender, or sexual orientation. These rules can be found in the Drivers tab.

Who are you?

My name is Andi Duro. I'm a junior Computer Science student at the University of Connecticut, and I have over 10 years of experience developing web applications and over 5 years in developing iOS applications. After over a year of hard work, I'm excited to finally get GogoDoggo into people's hands!

What's with the name?

GogoDoggo was born as a small redesign project in late 2018 by my good friend Dan Davidson and I (here's his GitHub: It was originally intended to replace the old bus app, and thus Dan chose the name as a play on the HuskyGo logo that is present on the UConn buses. After our submission was shot down in favor of another bus tracking app, I decided to pivot towards ridesharing.

Does it really only cost a dollar? How is that sustainable?

Yep! For the initial launch the price of across campus rides will be $1.00 per head. We think that drivers will be able to profit from the frequency of ride requests and the short time required to complete each ride. For more information on sustainability, check out the FAQ For Drivers tab.

Do I have to be sober to use this?

Nope! You will, however, be charged for any damage you cause to your driver's vehicle. This includes vomiting in the back seat ($50 or more depending on severity), so plan accordingly.

I'm a staff/faculty member. Is this only for students?

No, we highly encourage anyone who needs a ride around UConn Storrs to use GogoDoggo. Drivers will be trained to expect more than just students.

Can graduate students use this?

Graduate students are absolutely welcome to use GogoDoggo. If you know a grad student who would benefit from this service, refer them - you could win free rides!

How do I pay?

At launch, you will be able to pay for a ride in cash or with Venmo directly to your driver's account. You may also obtain Tokens from referrals that can be used to get free rides.

Is my credit card information safe?

GogoDoggo will not accept credit cards at launch, and thus you will not have to put in any credit card information to use the app and start getting rides.

Can I get a ride to a dorm / dining hall / academic building / commuter parking lot?

Yes, all of these locations on campus and more will be covered at launch. If you think we missed a spot, please contact us.

Can I get rides outside of Storrs campus?

Yes, you will be able to get rides to the surrounding Storrs/Mansfield area as well. The exact radius is TBD, but generally anywhere less than 10 minutes away from campus will be covered. Rides to different towns, states, continents, or planets will not be covered at launch, but may be added at later dates.

Can I book rides for later dates?

Yes! A ride booking feature will ship with the initial launch version, and you will receive followup notifications when a driver has been assigned to your booked ride. Please note that this feature depends on driver availability, so book as early as possible.

I have friends at other colleges who could really use this...

Please contact us! We are looking to expand quickly into other New England campuses that need more transportation options and deal with variable weather conditions. You will be rewarded heavily (free rides anyone?) for leading the charge on bringing GogoDoggo to another campus.

I have an ancient phone that doesn't run Android or iOS. Can I still use GogoDoggo?

As of now there are no plans to support other devices, however we would like to hear from you personally to see if there is a solution that could be found. Please use the Contact tab and include what kind of device you want to use with the service.

I have a complaint, suggestion, or question that wasn't here. Where can I send it to?

As always, use the Contact tab to get in touch with GogoDoggo's management. We will try our best to reply to each one.