Driver Information

Everything you need to know about driving for GogoDoggo.

Information on this page may change without warning. Please note that rules, requirements, and procedures for GogoDoggo may change rapidly during its beta period.

Rules & Rights

Here are your rights as a driver:

When you become a driver, you will also be invited to the GogoDoggo Driver Chat, where you may talk to other drivers and staff about any specific incidents or questions you may have.

As a driver, you must obey these rules at all times:

Breaking many of these rules is a bannable offense. Remember that when you drive you are representing GogoDoggo, and it is critical that our passengers enjoy the service we provide.

Driving under the influence (even while not driving for GogoDoggo) will result in an immediate ban from the app and one hundred (100) free tokens for whichever person reports you to us.

Note that GogoDoggo retains all rights to remove you from the app, at any time, for any reason.

Any questions, suggestions, or complaints about the rules can be sent through the Contact tab.

Driver Requirements

In order to be a driver, you are required to:

Any questions about these steps may be brought up during your application process. We would be happy to provide more information.

Vehicle Requirements

Before driving for GogoDoggo, you must complete the vehicle test. You are only allowed to drive vehicles you own which have passed the vehicle test. The test involves a manual inspection of your car. The following features may be tested:

In addition to these tests, your vehicle model/make will also be looked up to identify any pertinent recalls against your vehicle. Vehicles that have not gotten repairs for major recalls will fail the vehicle test.

Vehicles that do not have valid insurance will fail the vehicle test.

The vehicle test will be administered on a case by case basis. If you have questions about your vehicle before taking the vehicle test, please contact us.

Normal Operations

You begin a "shift" through the Drive button in the GogoDoggo application on your phone.

As a driver for GogoDoggo, you make money directly from your passengers through cash or Venmo payment. The amount you are paid is determined by the GogoDoggo application. You do not have to begin driving your passenger until they have paid you.

Payments are per head. That means if the ride costs $1 and 3 people enter your vehicle, you collect $3. You will be told the amount you should be collecting ahead of time by the app.

During a ride, you may be asked to pick up another passenger along the way. You are required to pick up that person before dropping off your current passenger if the app tells you to do so.

For every ride, you will have an amount added to your "service fee" which will vary between 2-15% of your ride income.

At the end of every two weeks, you will be required to pay the total service fee to GogoDoggo in order to continue driving. This is the fee charged to offset operating costs for the business and make a profit. Your service fee total and other financial information will be available in app.

At any point you may pause incoming requests and change your "off campus availability" status which will tell the app whether you want to be considered trips that may take longer, but pay more.

See the FAQ for more details. As always, contact us for questions.

Fair Share Program

In order to implement a psuedo-"minimum wage", GogoDoggo utilizes an algorithm called the Fair Share Program to assign rides to drivers. The algorithm takes into account your vehicle location, reputation, hourly income, and more to determine how many passengers you get per hour.

This algorithm allows every driver to get around the same base level of business. Once every driver has achieved the target "minimum wage" for the hour, the Fair Share Program turns off and rides are assigned by the other factors mentioned.

Reporting Requirements

As mentioned in Rules & Requirements, there are several types of incidents that must be reported to GogoDoggo management as soon as safely possible. They are repeated here for your convenience.

You are required to report an incident if it resulted in:

Failing to report an incident will result in consequences that may or may not include the removal of your driving privileges.

Complaint Management