Time for another choice.

GogoDoggo offers fast, cheap & safe rides for the UConn Storrs campus.

Dear UConn students, faculty, and staff,

Do any of these annoy you:

  • The astronomical cost of parking passes?
  • Waking up late and missing an important class or meeting because you can't make it in time?
  • The extreme and brutal efficiency of those who give out parking tickets?
  • The rigidity of bus routes that you have to plan around?
  • The shutting down of even more convenient parking lots near the heart of campus?
  • Walking to places during snow, rain, or freezing weather conditions?
  • The high costs and waiting times of Uber or Lyft even during short trips across campus?
  • Having to park so far away walking to class is basically a hike?

If so, let's talk.

GogoDoggo is a special-made ridesharing app that helps you get to where you want to go, anywhere on or near campus. For ONE DOLLAR, you'll be able to get a ride TO AND FROM ANYWHERE ON CAMPUS (including Storrs Center).

I think it's time for a change. Help me make it happen.

Andi Duro, Founder

GogoDoggo will come out on the App Store and Play Store sometime during the first few weeks of fall semester.

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